Seminar on Statistics and Econometrics

summer term 2017

This provides a forum for state-of-the-art research in empirical economics and econometric/statistical methodology. Its purpose is to disseminate and discuss the results of ongoing research. Guests are welcome to participate. To sign up for the mailing list, please contact Prof. Dr. Uwe Jensen.

Room Time
Thursdays, 16:00-17:30 Uhr


Date Speaker Topic
13.04.2017 Oliver Hülsewig
Hochschule München
20.04.2017 Leonard Salzmann
CAU Kiel
Chinese Economic Slowdown and International Business Cycle Dynamics
27.04.2017 Danvee Floro
CAU Kiel
The Predictive Ability of Financial Cycles for Macroeconomic Performance
04.05.2017 Christian Leschinski
Universität Hannover
Spurious Long Memory in Multivariate Time Series
11.05.2017 Carsten Trenkler
Universität Mannheim
Forecasting VARs, Model Selection, and Shrinkage
18.05.2017 Oliver Holtemüller
Sovereign Stress, Banking Stress, and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the Euro Area 
01.06.2017 Ralf Brüggemann
Universität Konstanz
Causal Graphs and Variable Selection in Large Vector Autoregressive Models
08.06.2017 Sebastian Müller
CAU Kiel
On Interdependence and Shift Contagion between Core Euro Area Refinancing Conditions
15.06.2017 Robert Gold
Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Kiel
Instrumental Variables and Causal Mechanisms – Unpacking the Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters
22.06.2017 Rafael Weißbach
Universität Rostock
Three Examples for the EM Algorithm in Event History Analysis
29.06.2017 Yannick Hoga
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Confidence Intervals for Conditional Tail Risk Measures in ARMA-GARCH models
06.07.2017 Dominik Liebl
Universität Bonn
On the Optimal Reconstruction of Partially Observed Functional Data
13.07.2017 Maik Wolters
Universität Jena
How the Baby Boomers' Retirement Wave Distorts Model-Based Output Gap Estimates